Panel Trims and Adhesives

Take a look at our complementary range of trims to suit your panel purchase. Here you will find a trim for all of your installation requirements, whether that be a solution to the coming together of two pieces of bathroom panels in a corner, or a neat finishing solution for the meeting of a wall panel and a ceiling panel, or perhaps you are attempting to ensure the reveals of your window surround are suitably finished at the front and rear, we have a solution for such a requirement.

Most of our trim choices are available in Chrome as well as white, giving you the flexibility to complement your panel colour accordingly.
The key types of trims choices you should be aware of are, End Caps, sometimes otherwise known as J trims in the industry, and often referred to by us as the universal panel trim due to its superb versatility.

Coving Trims, are a neat quadrant style section that allows the panel to slot into the back of the trim and remain hidden while the quadrant stays on show and provides a neat coving solution for wall and ceiling intersections.

The Cladtech Rigid Angle, is a 90 degree angle solution for covering the external corner of two adjacent panels coming together. This is also a superb idea to use for boxing in areas and for the leading edge of window reveals.

Internal Corner trims do what they say on the trim and hid the front edge of each panel withing the trim section and allow for a small neat radius to be on show when installed correctly. The same applies to the external corner trim.