About Us

Claddtech are a specialist wall and floor cladding manufacturer and distributor. We supply our range direct to retail and trade across the UK and Ireland. Our range consists of waterproof bathroom cladding panels in PVC in both standard sizes and the larger sheets. We are also introducing a range of waterproof flooring to complement the wall offerings.

To complement the core range of panels we supply, we also stock a very healthy range of trims and adhesives.

If wall panels and flooring are part of your requirement, you will be pleased to know our panels are packed with leading edge technology, from 'tougher to touch' surfaces, to 'colourfast integrity' for better colour stabilisation, to 'close cell technology' for a tighter packed core and better rigidity, and not forgetting our 'interlock tight' interference fit that ensures an all around surface contact between edges for better waterproofing capabilities.